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Chrome Evaporator (For concentration and cooling of plating baths)

Electorplating solutions, such as chromium plating, produce lot of heat during plating, which raises the temperature of plating tank above the acceptable limits. This solution must be cooled down to produce acceptable deposits at optimum temprature. This heat released in the plating process (Which otherwise is wasted) can be utilised to supply heat energy required for recovered chrome solution evaporation thus resulting in a lot of energy saving.

The Chromic Acid, recovered from the Chrome Recovery System has a strength of about 50 g/l Chromic Acid. It needs to be concentrated upto 200 g/l for addition into the main plating tank. For this, a Chrome Evaporator, which is most energy efficient is recommended.

It operates in relation to the principle of evaporation. The hot solution is sprayed from the top of the column and drops down through a packed column i nthe reservoir tank. Air is blown from the bottom and an exist, gets saturated with water vapours. A demister is also provided to seperate droplets from the air flown out.

The evaporator consists of a PVC lined column with 10ft height and 16" dia, fitted with blower, a chrome reservoir connected to a Stainless Steel Pump and a suitable heating system. The feed temp. is 60° C max. and evaporation in the tower is carried out at ambient pressure. All dosing valves and fitting will be provided. The estimated evaporation capacity of the above unit is 20 to 25 Ltr. Per hours depending upon solution temperature and moisture of the air.