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Nickel Recovery System

The process is based on ion exchange principle. The rinse water from the drag out tank is pumped into ion exchange column which contains acidic cation exchange resin characterised by high capacity and good chemical resistence and physical stability. the resins exchange hydrogen ions and Nickel ions are retained on the resin. After some time the resin gets saturated with Nickel ions. This is the time to stop passing further Nickel solution and regenerate the resin with 10% Pure Sulphuric or Hydrochloric acid. After regeneration of the ion exchange resin, the process can be used again. the regenerated solution will contain Nickel ions in the form of Nickel Sulphate or Nicke Chloride. All brighter and its breakdown products are also removed, leaving the regenerated solution freee from organic contamination. This solution can be returned to the plating tanks. Since the recovered Nickel solution will be free from brighteners and organic impurities, it can be safely added tot the Semi-Bright Nickel Solution and tri-Nickel bath.