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Operation Cycle

Open the valve of Nickel Drag out tank, after connecting it into the bottom valve V1 of Nickel Recover Unit.

2. Open the valve V1 & V2 but all the other valves must be closed.

Start the pump. The drag out solution will come out of valve V2. Observe the colour of the discharged effluent. Keep running the Unit, till the colour is clear. Stop the Unit for regeneration when the colour is light green.

Regeneration Cycle

Rinse the column for half an hour with pure water before regeneration to remove any Organic or brighteners left in the column.

2. Fill the dosing container with water and make 10% Sulphuric Acid Solution.

Open Valve V3 & V4. Close Valve V1 & V2.


Start dosing the dilute Sulphuric Acid with the help of pump & collect the recovered Nickel Solution from valve V3. Stop dosing when the density is less than one. The dosing theme should not be less than 30 minutes.


Rinse the column with wate for 15 minutes. It is now rady for next cycle. The recovered Nickel Solution can be put back into the Nickel Tank for Nickel Sulphate addition and pH adjustment.